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"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
Sir Winston Churchill

Representing the best in entertainment, talent, and technology since 1994.

Industry Accolades:

Voted Top Publicist of 2009 "Best In The Biz List." National Association of Record Industry Professionals, January 30, 2009.

Nominated Top Publicist of 2011 "Best In The Biz List," National Association of Record Industry Professionals, March, 2011

Nominated Independent Music Video of the Year and National Community Service Award, 2008 LA Music Awards.

PRWeek-recognized Agency, July 2007.

Clientele Accolades:

“On a scale of one to ten, Chris is a nine. If he were a chick, he’d be a ten.”
- George Petersen, Editor, MIX Magazine

“You are giving us lots of press and your writing on Mackietone.com is first rate!!!”
- Greg Mackie, Founder, Mackie Designs, Inc.

"I am always more than willing to take advice, input, and criticism from people I respect, including yourself."
- Hartley Peavey, Founder and CEO, Peavey Electronics Corp.

"I recommend Chris to everyone in the industry. A great writer and a great publicist.”
- Frank Serafine, Legendary Academy Award-winning sound designer

"Thanks for all the hard work. I think your articles read great and put a positive spin on us."
- Dave Kusek, Associate Vice President, Berklee Media, a division of the Berklee College of Music.

"Whenever I need a guest lecturer to thoroughly educate and entertain the class, Christopher knocks it out of the park every single time."
- Gian Fiero, Course Instructor, San Francisco State University's "Music Industry Career Planning" and "Publicity as a Profession".

"I was very impressed in New York when we originally met and always recommend you to anyone who still inquires with me for services."
- Janie Liszewski, Publicist, Van Halen... and Mrs. Edward Van Halen

“The best publicist in the industry."
- Paul Gallo, founder and former publisher, PRO SOUND NEWS

"Hey Bro, Congratulations on the NARIP nod! Well deserved! We are also up for two Grammys."
- Jimmie Bones, Keyboardist, Kid Rock

“Christopher is that rare publicist who exceeds expectations on a regular basis. I hired him to take care of a $100M client's trade show PR needs and he so blew them away they contracted him to handle worldwide PR. Over the following 18-months he increased domestic coverage over 300%, and the improvement in international column inches was even better. No publicist or public relations contractor I've worked with has the tenacity, follow through, and ability to generate results as Christopher Buttner. I've never encountered anyone with a better work ethic, or ability to generate results, and recommend him without reservation. My strategy for working with Christopher was to point him and get out of the way.”
- David Sweet, Director of Artist and Public Relations, Mackie Designs

"Christopher, I'm so honored to have been invited to play a drum solo with one of my all time favorite drummers Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. I was so nervous because, not only was the show in front of a huge crowd at Jones Beach Ampitheater in Long Island, New York, but also sitting next to me would be a true drumming legend! Thanks for making all of the arrangements and putting the entire thing together. It would not have been possible without you. It was a Dream (Theater) come true."
- Richard Christy, musician, comedian, actor, and radio personality,
Howard Stern Show - see the video at RichardChristy.com

Chris – where the HELL did you come from? You are the newest angel to Team Jason Becker and the effort, time and heart you put into outreach for this event have brought Jason and his amazing story to so many new people and outlets, which I believe will have lasting impact on the future for Jason and this project.
- Joanna (Jodi) Goldstein, Manager, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications, CYTOKINETICS, INC.

“Great work.”
- Jamie Engen, CEO, Mackie Designs, Inc.

"We think you're doing a great job... keep up the good work."
- Mary Peavey, Vice President, Peavey Electronics Corp.

"I have worked with over ten publicists during my career, and - without a doubt - you are the best and most thoughtful writer and publicist with whom I have had to pleasure to work."
- David Grow, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling songwriter/producer.

"Christopher Buttner and PRThatRocks has been an amazing asset in terms of my company and my client's PR needs. He has been able to get the word out about many different projects that other Publicists have had no success with. Overall, Christopher's professional manner, and directness when it comes to dealing with clients is refreshing in today's "smash and grab" climate of music marketing. I look forward to a long relationship with PRThatRocks for both my company and many of my clients."
- Steffen Franz, Director, Independent Distribution Collective and Co-Founder, Epiphyte Records.

"Your publicist got you featured in Robb Report, Millionaire, Luxury Living, Cigar Aficionado, Billboard and a MIX Magazine cover simultaneously? That's unheard of. That can't happen."
- A 'big agency publicist' and associate of Bill Zabit, owner of Sonoma Mountain Studio Estate.

"We have seen Furman in more places than ever... and it can only be attributed to you.  Thanks."
- Jerry Hilton, President, Furman Sound, Inc.

"Christopher is an amazing PR person and without his quick and determined outreach, the auction itself wouldn't have driven the numbers we had in visits and bids to the items that were up for grabs and for that... we are thankful."
- Chrysta Brashier writing to Kevin Lyman, founder of Unite the United Foundation and Van's Warped Tour regarding Frank Ruffino Charity Program

"You da man!... Good Work!"
- The Late, Great, Joe Desmond, VP of Sales and Marketing, Furman Sound

"I worked with Chris on several projects while at Mackie Designs and later with International Audio Group (IAG). I was very impressed with his amazing list of contacts, the depth of his experience, his unending energy, his expertise in writing and his creative thinking. I would HIGHLY recommend Chris for any public relations related work. He is the best PR person I have ever met!"
- Wayne Newitt, VP of Product Management, Zero Crossing, Inc.

“Out of all the writers I’ve worked with, I’ve never needed to edit Chris’ work.”
- Christian Doering, former Marketing Director, Eastern Acoustic Works

"Working with Chris is like breaking the laws of physics, I get more back than I put in. There's something really great and non-linear about the magnitude of results he brings when you set him loose."
- Barry Grzebik, Founder, Grzebik Design Group

“Chris thoroughly understands our magazine, knows how to write for our readership, and he is the only publicist I will refer onto a manufacturer.”
- Mark Herman, Publisher and Editor, LIVE SOUND INTERNATIONAL Magazine

“The ‘go to’ guy whenever I needed a feature article at the last minute. He can turn a project on a dime.”
- Nat Hecht, Former Editor, SOUND & VIDEO CONTRACTOR Magazine

"In over thirty years of being thoroughly disappointed with every publicist I have retained, Christopher did an incredible job in promoting Greg Kihn's new nationally syndicated radio program, 'Big Rock Beat,' to both regional and national media."
- Joel Turtle, Greg Kihn's manager.

"You deserve the recognition! You are the BEST and now you have another award to prove it!"
- Adryenn Ashley, Founder and President, WowisMe.net

“Chris is always thoughtful, client-focused, and very creative. I've only known Chris' work to lead to success.”
- Josh Yafa, Understood Communications

“A great publicist, the best.”
- James Lumb, Gear Whore Column Editor, MIXER Magazine

"The best publicist in the industry."
- Beto Hale, Former Editor, MUSICO PRO MAGAZINE

“Highly recommended. The best.”
- Brett Moss, Technical Editor, PRO AUDIO REVIEW Magazine

“Incredibly efficient. One of my two favorite industry publicists.”
- Bill Evans, Editor, FOH Magazine

"In just a few hours these guys de-mystified much of what has had me frozen in fear and overwhelm about publicity and social media marketing for most of my on-line life. Now I feel confident to continue expanding my internet presence as well as to reach out to larger networks, client bases, and allies on the world wide web. All of a sudden marketing has become a lot more fun! My business is poised for continued success. Thanks Chris and Michael!",
- Claire Noelle
(Online Marketing & Social Media Workshop attendee)

"I'm having mucho trouble finding the issue that your article about the School of Rock Recording ran in. Checked from Nov. '05 through May '06 with no luck. It would be kind of funny if it didn't run because we ran everything but the kitchen sink in the Feb. '06 (NAMM Show) issue... And your story was much more interesting than most of it!"
- The Late, Great, Don Johnson, Editor, Musical Merchandise Review

"Thank you so much for the letter. I'm so glad the article about the School of Rock Recording came out okay -- I hope it somehow leads to more students or more good things for Mike Grande. Did you know he sent me flowers? Flowers! Your clients send flowers. It's been forever since someone sent me flowers! Made my day!
- Heather Johnson, MIX Magazine

"I knew Chris Buttner when he drove a Ford Bronco and wore cowboy boots. Not much has changed, other than now he lives on the west coast. In all the years I have worked with Chris, he has never let me down. Chris has gotten me in magazines that I can only have dreamed of getting into. He has helped me tremendously with all of my ventures, whether it is my Recording Studio, Music School or helping me promote my self-produced CD. No matter what avenue you take, let Chris do the driving! You won't regret it."
- Mike Grande, Founder and Owner, SOR Studios, Staten Island School of Rock, and GrandeLand.com

"I coordinated Christopher's cross-country relocation and was one of the first to meet him when he arrived in California after accepting the position as Apogee Sound's Marketing Director. His writing talents and passion for his career truly shined then and continue to 15-years later.   He has helped me, not only as a industry professional, but also, on many occasions, as a true friend - He's always been someone I can count on.   He truly is the best publicist in the industry and he's been an amazing asset to so many he has helped elevate to the next level of their careers."
- Lesa Kinney-Gutenkunst, former Assistant to the President, Apogee Sound, and former International Sales Manager, Furman Sound

“Anytime you want a recommendation, you got it.”
- Greg Rule, Former Editor, KEYBOARD Magazine

“I’m so glad you’re handling the press efforts for Peavey. They’re in good hands.”
- Mike Molenda, Editor, GUITAR PLAYER Magazine

“A genius… the best.’
- Karl von Kries, President, Technomad Loudspeakers

"PR that Rocks? Yes! .. and You rock!"
- Joe Franco, President, Beat Street Productions and former drummer, Twister Sister and The Good Rats.

VH1.com has picked up our breaking story about the new RUSH album, Vapor Trails! Special thanks to Jedi Publicity Master Christopher Buttner for this gem.”
- Chuck Nyren, Former Mackietone.com Editor, Mackie Designs.

“It seems I may have been premature in releasing that tidbit. The phones have not stopped ringing at our management company and I'm currently on the s--t list with the girls at the office. Your announcement caused a MUCH greater stir than I had anticipated and I have been asked to keep my big mouth shut-For a while anyway.”
- Alex Lifeson, Guitarist, RUSH

"I am having a few technical issues with my Mackie D8B and maybe you can help me out. I know this is not your deparment and I don't want to be a bother, but if you can turn me onto someone in the tech support department who's as responsive as you, I would appreciate it."
- Geddy Lee, Bassist/Vocalist, RUSH

"It's amazing what you've done for Jordan Rudess. You cannot pick up a music magazine anywhere in America and not read about the man."
- Rod Morgenstein, Drummer, The Dixie Dregs, Winger, Rudess Morgenstein Project, and educator at the Berklee College of Music.

“My favorite PR Guru.”
- Jordan Rudess, keyboardist, DREAM THEATER

“Thanks for getting me on the cover of DRUM! Magazine - This is great!”
- Mike Portnoy, Drummer, DREAM THEATER

“Great job promoting Dream Theater on their biggest US tour ever.”
Frank Solomon, Manager, DREAM THEATER

"Wow, you really get results. Fantastic."
- Rick Reil, Guitarist, The Grip Weeds

"STAGE satire Point Break LIVE! washes in from L.A. this month, accompanied by PR fanfare even noisier than Point Break, the 1991 surf/robbery/skydiving/car chase flick..."
- Dave Surratt, Entertainment Writer, Las Vegas CityLife Magazine

"We sat down for breakfast this morning and there was not a single newspaper in all of San Francsico that didn't feature a write-up about Point Break LIVE! opening in this town tonight.
- Thomas Blake, Associate Producer and Performer, Point Break LIVE!

"I can't think of anyone we haven't referred you to. The NARIP nomination is awesome and just based on our experience with you, I'd say very well deserved!"
- Eve Hars, Partner and Co-Executive Producer, Point Break LIVE!

"You are doing amazing work!"
- Ethan Garber, Partner and Co-Executive Producer, Point Break LIVE!

"I saw that you were nominated for the most awesome PR dude around by NARIP. Duh... we at Point Break LIVE! could have told you that. Just wanted to say congrats and keep up all of your great work. You have been such a boost for our show."
- Thomas Blake, Associate Producer and Performer, Point Break LIVE!

"You're a hustler without being a creep about it, you care enough to spell things correctly, and you bother to know about the products you're hyping. My problem with some other publicists is that they are not available to you once you have questions, and they are generally inaccessible once the PR goes out."
- Gram Ponante, Freelance Writer and former Editor, AVN

“You did an excellent job of getting key media people onto our stand during the 2002 AES Show and we sincerely want to thank you for this great job, because it is the direct cause of the Best of Show ranking we received at AES from MIX Magazine. Brilliant job and very many thanks - You are a star.”
- Ian Robertson, International Sales Director, Tamura Corporation of Japan

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