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Expose Yourself!


"Your Brand is a Promise You Make to Your Customers." Anonymous

We Start with You:

PRThatRocks.com was founded on the simple principal to provide tangible, results-oriented publicity services at realistic fees in a reliable, responsive and honest manner.

Yes, part of the process of what we do is to position you, or your company, as the leading expert, or the best, in your chosen field of expertise.   But, 'results-oriented publicity services,' you ask?

Custom tailored publicity needs to fit into your overall marketing plan to augment your message and do the most important thing - improve your Bottom Line.   If your marketing communications effort is not doing that, it's not working.

Publicity is a component of Marketing Communications, and an effective Marketing Communications Program is designed to have a call-to-action.  

That call to action is to get your customers to buy your product or service.

Since 1994, PRThatRocks.com has been honored to represent our clientele's most important and precious asset: Their Name or Brand.  

As it's said in business, 'Your Brand is a Promise You Make to Your Customers.'  Being allowed to represent your brand is a sacred trust that we take very seriously.   Positioning that Promise to insure your customers trust you, and only you, for the long-haul, is what we do best.

So, before we tell you about us, we want to know about you.  

We like to start by asking a few questions, in order to get you really real about what you really want from your publicity effort.

  • Do you know your passion?

  • Do you know your purpose?

  • What would you like to be acknowledged for?

  • What are you willing to do to get there?

  • What is the best way for PRThatRocks.com to contribute to your life, career, and company right now?

PRThatRocks.com Services:

  • Social network branding and optimization - do you want your 'keyword phrases' to come up on Page 1 web searches via the SocNet sites faster than you ever expected?
  • Media relations - Do you need better lines of communications between you and media outlets and journalists... that you probably never knew existed?
  • Would you like by-lined feature-length trade magazine, journal and website articles? This is a specialty. We've lost count, but we've scored countless, highly targeted media placements for our client's "Victory Stories" on a worldwide level. Would you like us to do it for you?
  • Do you want to have 'keystone product mentions, corporate attention, and executive opinions' in 'industry perspective' and 'state-of-your-industry' news stories and feature articles?
  • Do you need press release writing and editing services with fast turnaround - possibly a complete overhaul in this area?
  • Would you like someone to handle press kit production?
  • Copywriting - sometimes it's what you don't say that says the most about you. Is your ad copy everything that it could be?
  • Event promotion - How do you handle pre-and-post press coverage for entertainment events, concert tours, festivals, trade shows, and performing arts functions on a regional or national level? Does it need improvement?
  • Would you like us to schedule individualized trade show press meetings and organize and implement press conferences?
  • Do you need someone who knows how to seek artist endorsements for your products or services?
  • Do you need blanket distribution of your marketing communications message to targeted local, regional, national or international trade and mainstream publications and media outlets representing multiple industries?
  • Who is handling coordination of product reviews? Do you need more of them?
  • Would you like another set of eyes, skills, and opinions on graphic design, advertising, and marketing concepts so you know they will be most effective at attracting new and retaining existing customers?
  • Are you sure the collateral material you're about to print has been thoroughly proofed?
  • Do you need to be brought into the next decade in new social networking skills and optimization?
  • Have you ever taken an hour to read your website copy or even bothered to have someone edit all those pages? What is your web site really saying about you?
  • How many industry awards has your company won? Would you like more? Many more?

Are we hitting on any nerves?

Is there something we can do?  

Please feel free to give us a call at 415-233-7350 or email Christopher Buttner at rawkme@prthatrocks.com

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